8 Miles High - A Tribute To The Byrds

8 Miles High, a five-man band of veteran Los Angeles-area musicians and singers.
They share a collective passion for the music of The Byrds, the first and greatest folk-rock group of the 1960s and the originator of the "L.A. Sound" that dominated popular music for decades. 8 Miles High takes you back to L.A.'s "hip" music scene of Ciro's, The Troubadour and The Whisky A Go Go in the 1960's, when folk rock emerged from the shadows of the Beatles and other "British Invasion" groups. The five members of The Byrds Collective reproduce the exciting sounds of The Byrds between 1965 and 1970. From the opening chords of "Mr. Tambourine Man," you'll swear that Roger Mcguinn, David Crosby, Gene Clarke, Chris Hillman and Michael Clark have reunited for one more concert.

8 Miles High faithfully recreates The Byrds' unique sound, right down to the vintage Rickenbacker 12 string the group made so popular. Everything is as it was–the harmonies, the "jingle-jangle" guitars, the driving bass and the steady beat of the drums. No synthesizers and no tape loops are used. It's just about the music and how it was made back in 1965. Come share the history and music of The Byrds, performed by 8 Miles High.

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Artist News


8 Miles High starts new CD

8 Miles High has started recording their next CD. Basic tracks are being recorded in Los Angeles at Eggplant Studios. The release of the CD is tentively set for January 2012.


Bookings For Spring In Progress
8 Miles High will start their summer tour with a show at the El Campanil Theatre - Apr 14, 2012 in Antioch California. Details to follow.