A Night With Frank Siniatra starring Nick D’Egidio

A NIGHT WITH FRANK SINATRA”(The Chairman of the Board)
The swingin, sultry sounds of The Chairman of the Board are back, withA NIGHT with FRANK SINATRA starring Nick D’Egidio! Featuring the EXACT look, singing style and attitude of Ole Blue Eyes himself, you simply won’t believe your eyes and ears. From “Luck Be a Lady” to “The Way You Look Tonight” and everything in between. So get ready for the best of the “GOLDEN” days of "LAS VEGAS" Entertainment. "Dead On Frank Sinatra" Nick, (Who was also born in Hoboken New Jersey, where the real "Frank Sinatra" was born BUT; Raised in Southern Calif., is the only FRANK SINATRA Tribute Artist who is "ENDORSED & LICENSED" by the "SINATRA FAMILY" & "THE FRANK SINATRA ESTATE"! ) but also, has the look, sound and mannerisms of the Late Great old Blues Eyes Himself!

Never in the history of Tribute artists has anyone ever been born with “Frank Sinatra’s” looks and Talent! Nick has them all, as well as his remarkable voice! Nick D'Egidio who is also "ITALIAN" Like the real "FRANK SINATRA" but; the most powerful tribute artist to date when it comes to "THE CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD"!..He is a remarkable re-creation! When Nick walks on stage, you think you are looking at Frank as he was back in the early days of his career! You’ll think you’ve been transported in time. Nick brings “FRANK SINATRA” alive once again for the world to see!

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