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About Us

The music industry may be in a state of chaos,
but there are still millions of aspiring musicians with a dream. Golden West Entertainment Management was founded on the simple premise of guiding Music Artists that are serious about their music toward a pathway for success.
GWE is an Artist Career Development Company that empowers those who are serious about their vision, GWE is dedicated to empowering and helping them take control of their career and will help promote their talent, and ultimately get them compensated and make their dream a reality.

GWE was founded by Adam Michaels & Tom Paradiso
who had the same visions and a strong business and musical background, Gwe was designed for musicians, by musicians. Our goal is to make sure that all the Artists that we work with have a chance to rise as far as their hard work and talent will take them.

We are a full service entertainment management company with over 50 combined years of industry experience.

Our goal is put the Personal back into Personal Manager. Our tight knit family of clients each benefits from our undivided attention to all facets of their careers. We've built a solid reputation on attention to detail and the welfare of each of our clients. We take our clients in many different directions, by creating new markets and innovative productions.
We find the right market for the right talent, emphasizing our clients strong points and match it to the best marketing approach possible. The key to our technique is innovation. Trying new marketing approaches to break the mold, taking our clients to markets they might never have otherwise been exposed to. Time and time again this has been a formula for success.

Company News


New website in the works!
Coming soon, a new and improved website. Come check out the new artist roster.


Added 8 Miles High To Artist Roster.
Come check out the latest member of the GWE family; 8 Miles High - A Tribute To The Byrds. Guaranteed to take you back to the '60's.