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The music industry may be in a state of chaos
but there are still millions of aspiring musicians with a dream. Golden West Entertainment Management was founded on the simple premise of guiding Music Artists that are serious about their music toward a pathway for success. GWE is an Artist Career Development Company that empowers those who are serious about their vision, GWE is dedicated to empowering and helping them take control of their career and will help promote their talent, and ultimately get them compensated and make their dream a reality. GWE was founded by Adam Michaels & Tom Paradiso who had the same visions and a strong business and musical background, Gwe was designed for musicians, by musicians. Our goal is to make sure that all the Artists that we work with have a chance to rise as far as their hard work and talent will take them.

A word from Adam Michaels

Thank you for visiting our updated website...
and allowing Golden West Entertainment to be your one stop entertainment booking company.

Featured Act Of The Month

8 Miles High - A Tribute To The Byrds

8 Miles High faithfully recreates The Byrds' unique sound, right down to the vintage Rickenbacker 12 string the group made so popular. Everything is as it was–the harmonies, the "jingle-jangle" guitars, the driving bass and the steady beat of the drums. No synthesizers and no tape loops are used. It's just about the music and how it was made back in 1965. Come share the history and music of The Byrds, performed by 8 Miles High.

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