The Kiss Experience

Today in a business where every band touts itself as the premiere tribute band,
THE KISS EXPERIENCE has established a line-up of seasoned musicians who not only look the part of “THE REAL KISS”, but also musically perform at a professional caliber unmatched in the tribute arena. “THE KISS EXPERIENCE” is professionally recognized by the entertainment industry with endorsements from Mehron Makeup(“Kiss” make-up) and Dean Markley Strings! “These four musicians not only project the physical looks of KISS, but the camaraderie and charisma possessed by KISS in the 70's. These four members, each huge KISS fans in their own right, are able to flawlessly recreate, right down to the most minute detail, the “KISS Alive Experience”!. It's all “KISS” from the vocal harmonies, mannerisms and note for note solos,as well as exact costume replicas. Like “KISS”, the members of “THE KISS EXPERIENCE” are not only supreme musicians -- but also electrifying performers.

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