Rob Caudill as Rod Stewart!

To people who don't know Rob Caudill, Believe it or not...

He was a one time session musician and a bass player in a short lived band called "The Breaks"(who did in fact cut "one" album). On a trip to Las Vegas a little over ten years ago he saw a slew of Rock & Roll Imitators (Legends in Concert). This convinced him that this was a way of making money, doing what you really love, which is performing music! Tired of playing on Beale Street every night in Memphis Tennessee, Rob took the advice of several people in the music industry, including Joe Walsh of "The Eagles" who actually is a close friend of Robs, said to him kiddingly; You look enough like Rod Stewart why don't you perform as him! As Rob put it: all of my life people and friends have said that I resemble Rod Stewart even when I was young and in other Bands and have always had his build! So I just put down the Bass, bought myself a bunch of wild clothing, studied a lot of videos and as you can see I have been doing this ever since!

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