Surfs Up! A Tribute To The Beach Boys

Phil Dirt and the Dozers is a wonderful and fantastic “CALIFORNIA” re-creation of “Hawthorne California’s” “BEACH BOYS”
this show is as about as “RECORD” perfect as you are going to find right down to the five part harmonies that The Beach Boys were famous for, and their charisma on stage is bar none the best you will find. This show is one of the best shows that “Golden West Entertainment” has to offer! “Surf’s Up” has captivated audience’s all over THE MID-WEST. Our goal here at “Golden West” is to send “Surf’s Up” all over the “UNITED STATES” and the World! “SURF’S UP” is in a class all its own. They have also reduplicated styles of all of the “California Surf Sounds” such as “THE RIVINGTONS”, “JAN & DEAN”, “THE VENTURES”, “THE SURFARI’S”,” THE HONDELLS”, as well as some of the best “OLDIES” ROCK & ROLL that you will ever hear!!!

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